Get cash for the purchase of a car with a repurchase of credit


The purchase of credit is a solution that allows to rethink the management of the budget. Obtaining a cash envelope is possible provided that the lender’s receivability standards are met. A critique at

How to get the a car, when the auto credit is denied to you because of too much debt?

Credit redemption: booster shot!

Credit redemption: booster shot!

The repurchase of credit is a Jarndyce familyment that offers the opportunity to restructure a set of debts and credits. It is simply a new credit that replaces current debts. In other words, it is question of getting a new loan with new conditions.

The budgetary and financial situation of the subscriber (s) of a loan consolidation contract undergoes a more or less profound change after the restructuring operation. A loan buyback increases the household’s monthly purchasing power and reduces its debt ratio.

A debt restructuring also makes it possible to include in the plan a cash envelope dedicated to the purchase of an expenditure allocated to a specific property.

Cash purchase with cash

Cash purchase with cash

Redeeming credit to obtain a cash envelope is quite possible. This is the opportunity to include in a single monthly payment the one or more projects.

A single monthly payment covering all loans in repayment, but also the cost of your new projects your car through the repurchase of credit.

This simply avoids subscribing to an auto loan whose monthly payment will add to the maturity of loans being depreciated, and which adds to the household debt. Much more than a simple debt restructuring, credit restructuring is a solution that allows you to rethink budget management.

Your new or used vehicle, and amortize the cost of borrowed money over a period tailored to your repayment ability. The maximum cash envelope that can be released during a loan consolidation for the purchase of a car is € 45,000.

Takeover of loans: an opportunity to renegotiate your car loan!

Loan buyback is an opportunity to renegotiate the outstanding principal of one’s auto loan. Depending on the type of transaction: surrender of unsecured loans or mortgage purchase, the interest rate can be reduced by 60%.

A new financial wind to save again

A new financial wind to save again

Ongoing debt restructuring is also an effective way to get off to a good start in terms of the budget. The main goal is to achieve a level of expenses in line with the household income, about 33%.

In this logic, the rest of the household is improved. This is the perfect opportunity to set up a regular savings effort. To build a security nest egg is to anticipate any need for liquidity in the future. It is also to give oneself the means to carry out projects of life (car purchase, works, holidays).

It should be noted that recurrences in the redemption of credits are twice as large when no savings have been planned.

Defiscalize after a purchase of credits

Defiscalize after a purchase of credits

For households whose tax pressure is high, a tax exemption investment is an opportunity not to be missed. For the benefit of this, the provision of debt capacity is a prerequisite. When this is not the case, it may be necessary to consolidate its loans upstream.

The improvement of the rest of the domestic budget will then be used as part of a real estate loan for tax exemption. Especially since this real estate investment will have the advantage of also allowing to reduce the fixed expenses of the family.

Indeed, investing in tax exemption is synonymous with reducing taxes payable for several years.


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